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EHW ITALIA design, manufacture and supply belt dryers single or double-decker (one above the other) of several size from 500 up to 30000 kg/h of dried product, in order to dehydrate different types of materials such as biomass in general, industrial sludge, etc., characterized by low dust emissions in the environment. They can be combined with cogeneration plants, designed and built for quality drying and performed in optimal times depending on the raw material and removing the risk of fire during the working cycle.

We can supply belt dryers of several size, 3 – 4, 5 – 6 meters wide and long according to request and therefore to be defined, in order to dehydrate materials with low dust emissions into the environment. Our dryers are designed and built for quality drying performed in optimal times depending on the raw material, type of wood, humidity, size and required hourly output.

The high performance EHW dryers are equipped with the best components and require low maintenance. Each machine is specifically designed for the requests of our customers, and supplied in different sizes based on the type and quantity of product to be dried, adapting perfectly to the residual energy created through cogeneration plants.

EHW dryers are distinguished by their strength and long life, their optimal thermal efficiency,extreme ease of use and a high level of functional safety. They guarantee optimal drying of the product, using low temperatures with significant energy saving, low impact on operating costs and an important economic revenue.

They are equipped with auger loading bunkers, ensuring a homogeneous distribution of the product on the belt, a crossed belt, a drying tunnel complete with systems for dust extraction, belt centering and cutting-edge product handling, and a structure made of sturdy steel profiles.

EHW dryers are perfectly suited to our customers’ heat generators, whether they use hot water with heat coming from cogeneration plants or from hot smokes recovered from production plants, using increasingly advanced and modern systems to desiccate the raw material.

We also offer a wide range of equipment such as automatic belt washing – making the cleaning process quick and efficient and ensuring perfect performances with reduced operating times, fire-fighting devices, and heat recovery systems, significantly limiting the request for thermal energy of the plant, and much more.

The belt dryers we produce comply with the emissions into the atmosphere of the 2010 Industrial Emissions Directive (2010/75 /EU).


belt dryers, Dryers



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